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We are a boutique dental studio located in north Arlington, where we practice and enjoy dentistry. We offer a lovely team to care for you and your family’s beautiful smiles. Dr. Kasey A. Hawkins is here to guide you through your smile’s life journey and help you achieve a smile you can be more than proud of. Feel free to contact us for anything you want and learn more about us. We have also put together a wonderful online chat system so that you can reach out to us easily!

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  • My mom is the only one that makes sure I go to the dentist and I've always just been meh about the experience. I love that I can come and get my teeth cleaned while my mom also gets botox. Who knew that getting botox while getting your teeth cleaned even existed! Both my mom and I are so glad we found Crown and their friendly staff.
    Lauren Happy Patient
  • Guys need to treat themselves every now and then too.  Having never willingly gone to a dentist in my life, I was honestly surprised at how welcoming and invited Crown was. Even their new patient box of free swag was leaps and bounds nicer than anything I've ever received from a dentist before. They're awesome.
    Daniel Happy Patient
  •   I can't tell you how daunting it was to me the first time I came to a new dentist. I'm not a person who loves when people are staring around at my teeth - just to say the least. I've discovered the many misconceptions that I've had about dentists just by stepping into the front door!
    Lisa Happy Patient

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